Introducing: CHARLOT – Cosmic Connections

In contrast to some people, CHARLOT believes that illusions are valuable. She ignores the warning signs and surrenders to the romantic allure of misery. New single Cosmic Connections opens with atmospheric instrumentation, bringing two eras together (the 1980s and the present). Dreamy synthesizers are the core of the production, floating in the background as they head to their destination. With her singing, Charlotte helps make the music more immersive.

Cosmic Connections delves into the romanticized connection between two lovers and how hard it is to find one if you expect too much. Comment by Charlotte on the song: “It’s like a night ride through space, where you will be dancing with the stars and the moon.”

CHARLOT reflects her artistic vision and philosophy in her creative pursuits. Right now, I think she’s one of the most unique acts from the Netherlands, especially since no one else sounds like she does.

Check out Cosmic Connections below!