Introducing: Liv Dawson – Pretty

In Pretty, Liv Dawson demonstrates her infectious personality while displaying her sophisticated alt-pop sound. It’s a song you shouldn’t miss, as it presents something grandiose. Beats like these will make you dance without you even realizing it. Over the production, strong vocals add even more layers of richness. A few effects included here are quite extraordinary, which makes them so cool.

Liv comments on the new single: “Nobody really calls guys pretty, do they? When I was writing the song, I wanted it to be about being in awe of somebody when you first see them: their aura being so big you can’t ignore it. But it’s also big self love song. There’s so much hate and negativity in our lives, especially on social media, and I think Pretty is the perfect song to sing to yourself, or someone you love, to remind us who we really are. People deserve to feel pretty all the time, even if social media doesn’t make them feel that way.”

LIV has come up with another release that can’t be put down. Check out Pretty below!