Introducing: Arkells – Arm In Arm

The Canadian band Arkells have recently unveiled their brand new album Blink Once, which includes the fantastic pop song Arm In Arm. There’s a catchy undertone to the up-tempo sound, and that’s what makes people want to keep moving. Stunning melodic lines flow seamlessly between verses. Vocals provide additional layers of texture.

As frontman Max Kerman explains: ”Arm In Arm is about the two things that have helped us through hard times: friends and music.” He continues: ”One of the best things we see from the stage is seeing folks arm in arm, singing along. We haven’t had many chances to do that together lately, but with any luck we’ll be reconnecting on tour with folks who also take this kind of medicine.”

Do you need some extra energy before the weekend starts? Vibing to this song can help. Check it out below!