Introducing: Alice Auer – Turn Back Time

Photo credit: Joshua Halling

In her soulful music, British singer-songwriter Alice Auer captures the feeling of sentimentality so well. This new release, Turn Back Time, starts off mellow, but picks up speed during the chorus. In the second verse, we return to a more easygoing approach. Jazzy undertones bring a degree of complexity into the arrangement. Alice sings with such emotion and heart that she truly owns the stage.

Turn Back Time finds Alice reminiscing about her childhood in the aftermath of a life-threatening car crash. About the track, the singer-songwriter says: ”Turn Back Time was written in the Summer of 2021, shortly after I was in a car accident. I was lucky enough to spend my time recovering with my family at their home. Spending this time with my parents, reminiscing about my childhood and when they were my age made me dream up these lyrics about meeting them before I was born and wondering what they’d think of me and the woman I am today. It’s quite an emotional song for me, and I hope the message of my lyrics speaks through. I was lucky enough to work with Conor Albert again for this track, he always does an incredible job of bringing my songs to life!”

Check out Turn Back Time below!