Introducing: ENZI – Time Flies

In her latest single, Time Flies, ENZI showcases her fresh sound, which has a modern pop flair. Aside from the flawless vocal performance, the guitar accompaniment also impresses me. Choruses with power are here to propel the production towards a higher plateau. The music can be a little gritty at times, while still being melodic.

ENZI describes the track as follows: ”Time Flies is one of the most personal tracks I’ve written to date. In the last year, I struggled so much to find any motivation to just get out of bed. The crumbling world felt like it was crumbling all on top of me and it was completely paralyzing, emotionally and physically. After finally opening up to some others, I realized I was not alone. I wanted to write a song that encapsulated this feeling of total isolation, overwhelming apathy, and complete mental paralysis. I know they say “time flies when you’re having fun!” But time also flies when you’re mentally withdrawn.”

These lyrics are impactful, as they speak directly to the mind. A perfect representation of anger and hopelessness we all felt during the lockdown of the past year. Check out Time Flies below!