Introducing: BEX – Feelings

Canadian Indie-Pop/Punk artist Bex is a powerful lyricist and singer who just recently released her new single, Feelings. The sound is outlined by an instrumental that can be classified as rock-based. Drums and guitars provide a constant rhythm. Some catchy undertones are present in the chorus.

Feelings was written during the first few months of lockdown as part of Bex’s self-directed challenge to write a song every day in April 2020. A horoscope stating that “feelings are not facts” set Bex on a journey into the complicated world of emotions and how things aren’t always as they seem. In the process of fine-tuning the song, Feelings became a metaphor for the continuous therapy of becoming more self-aware and present in life’s most challenging situations.

You should put this on your radar if you like tunes from the late 90s or/and early 2000s. Musically, Feelings captures that vibe. On the other hand, it also has some aspects of today’s music. To conclude, Bene has succeeded in creating an original style.

Check out Feelings below!