Introducing: Nika Timos – Family

Family is the Halloween bop from UK singer-songwriter Nika Timos. It has haunting vocals and a mysterious melody in the background. There’s a steady beat that keeps the sound in motion. Aside from the interesting verses, you’ll also hear an enthralling chorus to keep you hooked.

Nika’s lyrics strike a profound tone from the outset. To put it simply, her writing style sets the bar exceptionally high. She comments on the track: ”Family is an honest biography of my real family; rather than the happy perfect little units depicted in adverts.” Adding: ”Consisting of people and skeletons in their closets, they can serve as the basis for an action-packed series. It’s one thing to write about myself and my feelings, it’s another thing to write about the loved ones, but I tried to do it with delicacy and humor, not hiding what is the main thing for me. A mystical motif filled with the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season will make you realize that every family member hides an aspect of the Adams family.”

Songs like this are hard to find nowadays. I believe that Nika has a unique way of crafting music. This track gives us something thoughtful and relevant to the season we are in. How many other people cannot wait for Halloween after hearing Family? Everyone, I assume?

Check out Family below!