Introducing: Zofia Alaya – Lost My Thoughts

Zofia Alaya is a 20-year-old London/Warsaw-based singer-songwriter who dreams of becoming very successful within the music industry. She recently shared, Lost My Thoughts, a moody, atmospheric pop song. To build a coherent soundscape, distinctive melodies are layered over ethereal textures. Strong vocals add another level of richness to the mix.

The lyrics have a powerful quality to them that indicates that they were written from the heart. Zofia comments on the track: ”Lost My Thoughts is an emotional song that describes the feeling of knowing your way in your life yet still being lost and having nothing left but trusting your own intuition.”

I’m impressed by the piece’s ability to depict sadness, emptiness, and disorientation so accurately. Listeners will find it inspirational. Check out Lost My Thoughts below!