Introducing: Gemma Laurence – Adrienne

Photo credit: Beatrice Helman

Indie folk singer/songwriter Gemma Laurence is from Maine. Her highly anticipated new single, Adrianne, carries a calm sound. Unique guitar melodies lead the way, with crisp vocals soaring in the background and other instruments joining in here and there. The simplicity of the arrangement makes it easier to focus on the lyrics.

Laurence opens up about her queerness in her music for the first time, describing a lover with disarming vulnerability and tenderness. Inspired by a line in Adrienne Rich’s Twenty-One Love Poems (“You’ve kissed my hair to wake me. I dreamed you were a poem, I say, a poem I wanted to show someone…”), Adrienne transports listeners to the exact moment in time in which the song was set – a shared twin-sized bed at 6 A.M., sunlight dancing across the walls, coffee boiling on the stove, the taste of sweet rum lingering from the night before.

A great deal of praise must be given to Gemma’s ability to express herself so strongly through her work. Adrienne is perfect for those moments when you need some heartfelt music. You’ll be immersed in a world where storytelling has always been central.

Check out Adrienne below!