Introducing: Laur Elle – Hate That You Love Me

Laur Elle’s latest single, Hate That You Love Me, has an up-tempo pop sound with a light rock undertone. You’ll be fascinated by its interesting and lyrically rich verses. There’s a catchy melody in the chorus. Having universal relevance and a timeless quality, I think this production will appeal to many people.

Laur’s response regarding the track is: ”I wrote Hate that you love me after the worst breakup I’d ever experienced. I was in a bad place mentally and wanted to take the time to find myself again. But of course as soon as I started to do that I met the most amazing person in the world and couldn’t stand the thought of losing them. I found myself flipping back and forth between doing everything I could to heal while in a new relationship, to feeling guilty for not being ready for one.”

In this song, Laur displays genuine emotion. While it moves your soul, it also makes you dance. We think that’s an authentic thing about Hate That You Love Me, and one of the main reasons why you should give it a listen.