Introducing: Wren Wilder – Want Me Too

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Wren Wilder delivers warm, empathetic pop music that’s overflowing with emotional complexity. The different layers in her compositions make it engaging for listeners. With Want Me Too, Wren surprises us. The organic instruments immediately caught my attention. Airy mellotrons, Wurlitzer, upright and Rhodes pianos, electric guitar, synths, drums, percussion, and electric bass are all present on this recording. Stunning vocals give the music another dimension.

Wren elaborates on the indie-pop anthem: “During the most pivotal moments of my life, the ones where I grow the most, I inevitably turn to music as a means in reflecting on my deepest desires. The desire for deeper human connection, to accept the fact that time is an illusion, and letting go of the insecurities that have followed me around all my life, instantiated at a young age.” She continues: ”Want Me Too is a journey, no, an anthem, in finding who you are and accepting your identity in this world, without shame. It’s at once a coming-out celebration of accepting my bisexuality and recently diagnosed ADHD after being raised in a strict, normalized household and surrounded by a society that continuously claims that both are a “myth”. I’m ready to step out of the shadows into who I was meant to be, and I hope you are too.”

People will be inspired by the lyrics’ empowering element. Their meaning and significance are profound. Want Me Too‘s impact is what makes it so memorable. The song has every right to be regarded as legendary. Wren redefines indie pop and sets a new standard.

Check out Want Me Too below!