Introducing: Harrison Storm x Enna Blake – Eyes Wide

Photo Credit: @hollolls

Harrison Storm and Enna Blake wrote this song as a result of a developing friendship, self-growth and a global epidemic. During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, they found themselves living and creating together in an artistic share-house by the ocean.

A peaceful tone is set by the guitar work in Eyes Wide. Throughout, delicate vocals emphasize the lyrics, giving them additional force. With its unique sound, the outro really shines. I’m sure this production will remain a memorable one.

Eyes Wide talks about finding connection. “Harrison came to me with this budding idea for a song that he was stuck with,” explains Enna. “What stood out to me in particular was this lyric he had written ‘Will my roses come up?’ This image of someone sitting there waiting for roses to grow really stuck with me. It was a big part of the inspiration for what the song grew into, which is really about the struggle to find your own happiness, your own path. This duality of being active and planting your seeds, watering your roses, while sitting back and letting them grow.”

Check out Eyes Wide below!