Introducing: Alexa Kishner – Still Yours

Alexa Kishner is a 23 year old pop singer/songwriter whose songs are infused with poetic undertones. Still Yours, her latest single, has a nice sound to it. Organic melodies and a calm beat make up the composition. Alexa’s distinctive singing voice perfectly suits the style of the music.

When speaking about the track, Alexa says: Still Yours paints the picture of a past relationship that you think you’re over until your subconscious uncontrollably leaves you dreaming about that someone who used to be a huge part of your life. I think it’s okay to be over someone and still think about the impact they’ve had on you.”

Alexa offers listeners a glimpse into her creative mind. Still Yours exemplifies her ability to put words together in interesting ways. Relatable aspects make it particularly appealing. Check out the audio below!