Introducing: MAMI – Sideline

MAMI hails from Sydney, Australia, where she grew up listening to Rhythm & Blues, Soul, and Rock & Roll. Her upbringing is a significant influence on her creativity as an artist, invoking the distinctive R&B style she encompasses and revealing her identity as a singer/songwriter/musician.

Last Month, Sideline has been released. A mix of slick guitar melodies and solid beats makes up the soundscape. This creates a captivating feel. Strong vocals and delicate harmonies join forces to bolster the atmosphere. Because MAMI chooses a thoughtful writing approach, the song’s impact cannot be overlooked. She displays strong emotions immediately.

The song has compelling lyrics. MAMI focuses on an experience that so many people go through; the tiresome feeling of being placed on the ‘sideline’, followed by a feeling of self-confidence.

When speaking about the track, MAMI says: “I made Sideline after a long writing day, a welcoming flow after a long lockdown creative block, it was the last thing I wrote that day before having enough.”

MAMI has a unique way of doing things when it comes to music. Not only does she capture modern styles, but also offers an insight into the future of R&B. Sideline should be on everyone’s radar now. Check out the audio below!