Introducing: Natasha Hunt Lee – It’s Hell in Here Tonight

Singer-songwriter Natasha Hunt Lee proudly presents her sophomore single, It’s Hell In Here Tonight. The sound is gritty and heavily Pop Rock-oriented. I especially enjoy the guitar-driven production. There are strong vocals that run seamlessly over the music. Lyrics reflect an internal monologue that’s both chaotic and captivating.

Natasha says: “You know when you’re in the most standard setting, a Saturday night party, everyone is smiling, schmoozing, drinking, and probably you are too, but all you feel is the absolute rapture of self destructing? And every move you make is an effort to survive another 5 minutes without telling the wrong person you love them or your eyeball popping out? And you’re like ‘damn, I’m really a volcano on legs right now?’”

By keeping her style varied, Natasha will reach more and more people. It’s Hell In Here Tonight has an incredibly engaging quality, setting it apart from the rest. Check out the audio below!