Introducing: PAENDA – Run To You

Since 2016, Viennese musician, producer, and singer PAENDA has been working on her own sound, which in recent years went from underground indie to mainstream electronic pop. Run To You will dominate the charts very soon. This production is clean and solid with a strong electronic component. Signature vocals capture the emotion of the lyrics perfectly, they give the song the needed focus.

Without evoking cryptic words, PAENDA tells a story we all know – and do not want to live. Run To You addresses today’s dating dilemmas. With FOMO, dating apps, and fears of attachment, PAENDA wonders if it’s possible to still have a normal relationship? She explains: ”Even when we’re in a happy relationship, we often have the feeling that there are tons of other alternatives out there to the person who is sitting in front of me. Many of us then find it difficult not to have the feeling that we are missing out on something. Conversely, it is difficult to have a relationship with someone in which you feel replaceable on a constant level.”

PAENDA always strives to innovate her music in order to keep it fresh. Run To You can be highly recommended for fans of pop. Check out the audio below!