Introducing: Ava in the Dark – Manic

Indie music enthusiasts, meet Ava in the Dark, tomorrow’s new sensation. Their latest single Manic is a sweet slice of pop rock, showcasing both their sharp and catchy sound. The lyrics are raw and personal, delving into the idea of letting go of generational trauma. It has a real meaning behind it, and all the various musical components work together for this song. Ava in the Dark will set a new industry standard if they continue in this vein.

Regarding the track, the band says: ”It’s a song about generational trauma, you know? When you’re at a party and everyone’s wasted, getting too deep for their own good and realising we all walk around with our parents’ emotional baggage – this song is about saying that we don’t have to do that. We don’t have to struggle the same way. We can be free of that.”

Check out Manic below!