Introducing: Beryl Anne – Hands

In her new single, Hands, Beryl Anne speaks out against street harassment. This song, inspired by #metoo and Beryl’s own experiences, makes an important statement. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions from the first second it starts playing, but also leaves you feeling empowered by the time it ends. This is because you’ll realize that you aren’t alone. Beryl represents countless women who are harassed by men on the street. All these men who can’t keep their hands to themselves should hear this song endlessly. As a society, we must stop them. No one should feel unsafe in public.

Regarding the track, Beryl says: ”This song is for anyone who doesn’t want to hear it. Namely those who are responsible for street harassment. I’m done with the fear and the constant feeling of insecurity, the words thrown at me like a boomerang that never seems to fly back. All the unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal rapprochement happens to me, and a lot of other girls and women around me, too often.”

There are many interesting choices made during the production of this song that make its construction much more intricate than what’s found in many other pop songs. Having synths, drums, guitar and bass in the background add an air of energy to the sound.

Check out Hands below!