Introducing: Persønne – Solid Ground

Today, we’ll be talking about Persønne’s song Solid Ground. She shows off her range without it becoming overwhelming in her performance. The arrangement is sparse but has enough depth to keep your interest while listening, which isn’t an easy task considering how streamlined the track is in terms of structure.

The lyrics are incredibly honest and will resonate with anyone who understands their meaning.  This song is a great example of Persønne’s powerful songwriting skills and her ability to create enthralling music. Solid Ground is a ballad, but it isn’t overly long, repetitive, and full of clichés. Instead, it’s impactful and lyrically rich. Solid Ground gives Persønne the opportunity to try out new ideas that are both artistically challenging and rewarding for her. It tells a compelling story with amazing production that makes it one of my favourite tracks of 2022 so far!