Introducing: Alexa Cappelli – Body Language

Singer-songwriter Alexa Cappelli’s latest release, Body Language, is a playful take on the idea to not judge a book by its cover. The song talks about getting to know someone in every possible way except in person, and it’s a reminder that sincere feelings are key for true love. In the first verse, Alexa sings, “You know just what to say. Write letters for me. But it’s kinda boring. When I can’t see your face? It’s a question that’s relevant in the digital age, given that so many relationships begin online.

Alexa doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering music like this. Her voice has a certain tone and quality that makes it fit naturally over these kinds of tracks and she definitely knows how to make people dance. Body Language is the right song to play in the background before you go out with your friends or when you’re relaxing at home.