Introducing: Sianon – Is There Ever Any Going Back For Us?

Sianon’s new single, There Ever Any Going Back For Us?, has been available for over a week. We believe that its lyrics perfectly capture the range of emotions we go through after a break-up: denial, anger, disappointment, sadness, and finally acceptance. Sianon wrote this song after her relationship ended, thinking there was a chance to get back together, but then she found out they’d already moved on. Sianon cried a lot, ate ice cream and then wrote this song with her friend & fellow pop artist Grace Davies.

There Ever Any Going Back For Us? is a fresh take on the pop, singer-songwriter sound which Sianon has become known for. In this song you can hear hints of Sigrid and Griff, but overall it shows how much she has developed as an artist. We can’t recommend it enough.