Introducing: pecq – Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone is about the experience of trying to ground someone who is gradually losing their grip on reality. It explores the push and pull between two opposite forces: one anchoring the person to reality and one pulling them further and further away into their own world. The song reflects the helpless feeling of watching someone you care about spiral out of control.

Trying to characterize Peqc’s Too Far Gone as anything less than experimental would be a mistake. This song is sure to turn a few heads with its ethereal vocals and imposing synths. It takes a new direction from what Peqc have done in the past, and proves to be a strong release for them going forward as well.

The music video for Peqc’s latest single Too Far Gone is a mystical, trippy exploration of a character’s mental state. In it, we see the character in a claustrophobic place, trying to hold on. Despite being fascinated by her environment, the character wishes to find a way to reconnect with herself. The blue flickerings in the background suggest that there’s still hope for her, that she can find her way back to reality.

Too Far Gone isn’t entirely pop or indie, but somewhere in between with the right balance of instrumental elements to make it work. This genre-bending style allows for maximum creativity and definitely thrills the senses with its unconventional sound. The music video enables you to better interpret the story.