Introducing: Jenny Berkel – You Think You’re Like the Rain

There’s an incredible amount of meaning in the lyrics of You Think You’re Like the Rain. They recognize the vastness that exists within each and every one of us. No matter how we try to put ourselves in boxes, we’re all so much more than we can ever imagine. The song is inspired by a friend who was in a heavy space, and it’s evident from the performance that Jenny Berkel poured everything she had into it.

The music video for You Think You’re Like the Rain was shot by Phyllis Rising Productions and directed by Drew Urquhart. It features coastal Nova Scotian landscapes and was filmed in various locations including Peggy’s Cove and the Bedford Basin. Intimacy and closeness are at the heart of this song’s themes, and the video reflects that. Designer Dakota Burpee provided the striking piece that Jenny Berkel wears in the video, one that simultaneously leaps out of and flows through each frame.

Jenny has a special talent for capturing the intricacies of human emotions and translating them into lyrics that are poetic. Her work is an invitation into a world of relatable introspection, in which even absences can be sculpted into a vividly memorable verse.