Introducing: Alex & The Alpaca x Tilla – Trails

For most, traveling is an existential experience. It’s an opportunity to leave everything behind and see the world in a new way. As we explore unknown places, we often daydream about our past selves and the life we used to lead. Trails explores the nature of that finding – recognizing that, in the process of discovering the world, we often lose sight of the person we were before.

The song title itself alludes to Tilla and Alex’s nostalgic view on the trails they left their past. Their lyrics give us insight into how these trails are rarely negative; rather they are there as markers for certain memories and moments in time which are valued.

There’s nothing not to like about the production of Trails, and it has a revolutionary sound that catches us off guard. Right now, you won’t find anything similar on the charts. We’re so excited for what Alex and Tilla will release next, and we’ll be on the lookout to see if they collaborate again!