Introducing: Sophie Morro – Wake the Dreamer

Have you ever been so lost in your thoughts that you felt like you were living in a parallel world? Sophie Morro’s new single, Wake the Dreamer,  offers a surreal trip into the unknown. This is a place where we can explore the boundaries between the conscious and subconscious mind. It’s a place where we can confront our fears and find new insights into our lives.

Sophie Morro has a voice that’s easy to recognize. She sings lyrics with the soul of a true poet, portraying enthralling images of what she sees and believes. This song is an empowering anthem for people who need to escape their lives and be free for just a moment. Take whatever you want from it, whether it’s inspiration or a way to calm your nerves. We’re really stoked by the ethereal, otherworldly vibe of Wake the Dreamer, and we can’t wait to hear what Sophie has lined up next.