Introducing: Rapheaël Roberge – 10

Whether you take the time to write a heartfelt note, give them a big hug, or simply tell them how much you appreciate them, letting someone know they’re loved and appreciated is one of the best things you can do. Not only does it make the other person feel good, but it also makes you feel good too!

Rapheaël Roberge’s latest single, 10, talks about someone so beautiful you can’t stop yourself from letting them know. The lyrics are full of compliments and admiration for his boyfriend, showing how much he values him. The singer seems to be completely and utterly mesmerized by the person in question.

Shawn Mendes and Valley are definitely two of Roberge’s biggest influences when it comes to his current style. Both of those acts have had a lot of success with songs that have bright melodies and powerful vocals, which is something that Roberge wanted to emulate with 10. However, he also threw his own authenticity into the mix. This makes the whole thing even more fascinating.