Introducing: HOLLISS – Mental Pictures

When you’re constantly living life through your phone, you’re missing out on what’s really happening. You’re not fully experiencing the moment because you’re too busy trying to capture it in a photo. Not to mention, you’re missing out on quality time with the people you’re with. By putting your phone down more often and actually looking up, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see and experience. You’ll be able to connect with the people around you in a more meaningful way, and you’ll be able to appreciate life more.

The lyrics of HOLLISS’ debut single Mental Pictures are personal. They’re based on a situation in HOLLISS’s life when she was driving through her neighborhood with her boyfriend and noticed how he looked in the moonlight. She was so captivated by him that she wanted to remember the moment forever, so she put her hands up to his face and took a “mental picture.” This song reminds us of the power of memories and how they can be more vivid than pictures taken with a phone. It’s about the importance of living in the moment and not always relying on technology to capture memories.