Introducing: Jeni Schapire – Loose Ends

For so many people around the world, the pandemic was a time of great upheaval and change. Everything we knew and took for granted was up in the air. Families were separated, economies crashed, and entire ways of life were disrupted. Amidst all of the uncertainty and fear, people found ways to cope and carry on. Some leaned on their faith, some turned to family and friends for support, and others found strength in themselves. Despite the challenges, people managed to find moments of joy even during the darkest of times.

Jeni Schapire wrote a song, titled Loose Ends, in response to the pandemic. Within it, she details the ups and downs she experienced back then. It’s about that feeling of not having any answers…just a big question mark. Sometimes Schapire wondered what her life would have been like if certain events hadn’t taken place.

Loose Ends started as a free form poem that was soon shaped and stretched into the contemplative tune it is today. The opening lyrics, “I hold a thread between my thumb and forefinger/ Wish I could stretch these threads a little longer” make the loss being sung about palpable.

The somber beauty of the song is amplified in the music video. Schapire is draped in cloth and wrapped in rope and twine, slowly breaking free from what has kept her trapped for so long. The focus on the sublime, the pastoral nature of the imagery draws you in like a guided meditation.