Introducing: Adam Ulf – Love, I Can’t Control

We often fight love because it means we’re vulnerable. It means that we’re putting our trust in another person, and that can be a scary thing. We’re afraid of getting hurt, of not being good enough, or of being left alone. We might also be scared of change. When we open ourselves up to love, we’re accepting the possibility that our lives might change in ways we never imagined. But that’s what makes love so amazing—it’s constantly evolving and growing. It’s a chance for us to experience something new and wonderful, and it’s worth the risk.

The lyrics of Adam Ulf’s new single Love, I Can’t Control are breathtakingly honest. They describe the fear and longing that comes with wanting love, while being terrified of it. They take the listener on a journey through different emotions, and capture what Adam has gone through and perhaps even some of what you have experienced.

Love, I Can’t Control’ production is modern and professional, with a slow build-up that culminates in an epic explosion of synths, choirs and drums. The vocals on this track are beautiful and add to the epic feel of the track. They’re layered perfectly and provide a beautiful contrast against the powerful instrumentals.