Introducing: Akshara x Jay Wile – Anyway

A romantic expectation is a preconceived notion about what a relationship should be like. We often get these ideas from movies, books, our friends and family, or even TV commercials. Unfortunately, many times we have unrealistic expectations for our relationships. This can lead to disappointment and even heartbreak when our partner doesn’t meet all of our expectations. It can’t be denied that every relationship is different and that it’s okay to have some flexibility in what you want. You may find that your partner is perfect for you, even if they don’t meet all of your romantic wishes.

Anyway offers insight into the things that make a relationship worthwhile. Under the guidance of a soulful beat, Akshara and Jay Wile provide soothing tones in the form of their vocals. The production’s best part? That should be the bridge, where the sound gets stripped-down and the lyrics are all that matters.