Introducing: Anna Curreen – We Ran (out of time)

It can be hard to love a partner who doesn’t appreciate you for who you are. They may view you as interchangeable – someone they can swap out for another person without much consequence. This kind of thinking can be especially problematic in a relationship. If you’re in love with someone like this, it’s crucial to know that you’re not replaceable. You are a unique and valuable person, with your own set of qualities and experiences. No one can take your spot in this world. So, be proud of yourself, and hold onto your self-worth.

Anna Curreen’s new single We Ran (out of time) is a gut-wrenching ballad about feeling let down by the one that you were so in love with. You were basically treated as if you were interchangeable. Curreen says that she wrote the song because she realized that she still hadn’t gotten over him, but he had already moved on. This realization was painful for her, but writing this song helped her to heal. The lyrics are incredibly powerful and will resonate strongly with anyone who has faced a similar situation as Curreen.