Introducing: Hannah Schneider – Mirror Sphere

Hannah Schneider delicately unveils her most conceptual work to date with Mirror Sphere. It’s the second single from her upcoming album Ocean Letters. Schneider wrote the lyrics in the middle of the darkest times of the pandemic. She came to think of the earth’s long history and that everything happens over billions of years. Mirror Sphere lets us know we’re just a small part of a much larger picture, one that links the entirety of existence together.

The history of the earth and its inhabitants is one that has been constantly evolving. From the period when the amoebas first decided to venture onto land, to the present day, so much has changed. It’s astounding to think about how everything has unfolded over so many years. Every step of the way, from the development of plants and animals to the rise of human civilizations, has been a crucial part of the earth’s story. Hannah came to appreciate the vastness of time and the fact that everything  moves at its own pace.