Introducing: Alessandro Ciminata – A Little Bit of You

When we experience a special moment, we often wish it could last forever. We might feel a sense of joy, love, or happiness, and we don’t want that feeling to go away. Unfortunately, all moments eventually come to an end. Nonetheless, we can still remember them and keep them close to our hearts. We can also commemorate them with something physical, like a photograph. By doing this, we’re essentially bringing that moment back to life, and we can experience it again and again.

Alessandro Ciminata’s latest single, A Little Bit of You, is a slow-paced indie-pop ballad about those precious moments that are sometimes simple but so meaningful. In the last 2 years, he has spent a lot of time thinking (lockdown style) and realized that he was giving everything for granted. His goal is to change that now.

A Little Bit of You really emphasizes the importance of enjoying life. Basically, it tells us not to let the moment pass us by. Yes, life moves quickly and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day. But when you take a step back, you’ll see that the ordinary things are the ones you’ll always treasure.