Introducing: Jenny Berkel – Kaleidoscope

We should care about language because it’s the tool we use to communicate with one another. It’s the bridge that helps us understand each other and build relationships. It’s what allows us to express our thoughts and feelings, and it’s essential for our personal and professional growth. In the broader political landscape, language is what we use to define our beliefs and explain our ideas. It’s how we make our voices heard, and it’s necessary for creating change. Sometimes, however, messages can be misinterpreted. When that happens, confusion occurs.

Jenny Berkel’s latest single, Kaleidoscope is a masterfully crafted song that offers a bit of clarity amid the chaos. It was written as a response to our current political and social climate, which seems to be becoming increasingly unstable. In a world where ‘fake news’ is rampant and people are quick to jump to conclusions, Berkel’s lyrics offer a soothing and reflective alternative.