Introducing: Talii – Scars in the Dark

Since first releasing back in 2018, Talii has gone through different genre explorations, ranging from smooth, neo-soul to colorful, vibrant pop offerings. Paved her way through her own sound, Talii with a whole new recreational dosage of R&B infused pop in new single Scars in the Dark. It talks about her experience with unhealthy relationships and finally realizing that it’s time to walk away. This moment, when she woke up and realized she had had enough, is what the song is based on.

We often stay in shitty relationships for longer than we should for a multitude of reasons. Fear of being alone, fear of the unknown, comfort and familiarity all play a part in keeping us in relationships that are bad for us. Maybe we’ve invested so much time and emotion into the relationship that we can’t imagine our life without it. Maybe we’re worried about what others will think or say if we break up. Whatever the reason, it’s vital to keep in mind that staying in a bad relationship is only going to make you unhappy in the long run.