Introducing: Lyrah – Hold Me

Everyone has moments where they feel like they’ve completely lost their mind. It might be a result of stress, anger, sadness or any other emotion. When we’re in that place, it often feels like we’re completely alone and there’s nobody who can understand what we’re going through. That’s why it’s so valuable to have someone in our lives that we can turn to in those moments. Somebody who will hold us if we are consumed by our thoughts and let us know that it’s okay to be in a dark place for a little while. Knowing that somebody cares enough to be there for us can make all the difference.

Lyrah’s new song Hold Me addresses the anxiety and fear that comes with living through a pandemic. It reflects the hope of knowing that no matter how bad things are, things will eventually get better. With its emotive lyrics and atmospheric sound, Hold Me makes us realize that we are all human and we all need someone to comfort us at times.