Introducing: Jeanna – Trouble in Paradise

An unbalanced relationship is one in which one person is heavily invested while the other person is not. In most cases, the person who is not invested is not interested in the relationship and may even be actively trying to end it. On the other hand, the person who is invested often feels confused and hurt by their partner’s lack of commitment. They may even start to doubt their own worth and question what they could have done wrong.  If you think you may be in an unbalanced relationship, it’s important to broach the topic with your partner. Reality can be tough to accept, but it’s essential if you want to move forward.

Jeanna’s Trouble in Paradise is a heart-wrenching new single about an unbalanced relationship that most likely cannot be saved. She worked with several musicians who came into the studio to record their instruments, including a violin, bass, guitar and drums. This gave the song an authentic, live feel that sets it apart from other pop tracks. It’s a powerful expression of despair, wrapped up in an upbeat and radio-friendly arrangement.