Introducing: Julia Alfrida – Monster

Julia Alfrida’s Good Enough is all about the duality of feeling on top of your game and like the strongest person in the world to sort of lying on the bathroom floor crying with the fear of not being good enough. This is a struggle that many people can relate to, as it represents the push and pull between our aspirations and our insecurities. Our emotions can be challenging to manage. Perhaps we should all strive for a little more balance in our lives.

Balance is different for everyone. For some, it might mean having a good work-life balance, while others might find balance in spending time with family and friends. It could also mean finding time for yourself each day to do something that makes you happy. The main point is that you find what works for you and focus on incorporating those things into your life. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be tough to know where to start, but taking it one step at a time can help you find balance again.