Introducing: Ebony Loren – Phone Static

We live in a world where social media and technology has taken over our lives. It’s so easy to get lost in the world of likes, shares and #perfection. We’ve become so reliant on these superficial connections that we’ve forgotten how to just be. For this reason, we’re yearning for organic, real moments with those we care about. We want to feel connected in a way that can’t be replicated online. So take a break from your phone, put down the laptop and go out. Reconnect with your people in a way that you’ve never done before. The world won’t end if you’re not constantly plugged in, we promise!

Ebony Loren’s Phone Static is about her experiences with social media and the internet. Over the past year, she gained a remarkable amount of online fame via TikTok, a phone application that consists of users posting brief videos of themselves. The song’s lyrics describe both the good and bad effects of this online fame, and how it has interfered with Ebony’s real life relationships.

The singer talks openly about her fear of being alone and how staring at her phone has become a substitute for real-life interaction. Phone Static is an interesting look of the effects of social media and internet on people, and how our addiction to the internet can have negative consequences.