Introducing: Rebecca Aaron – This Just Can’t Happen Again

Rebecca Aaron’s new single This Just Can’t Happen Again powerfully portrays the experience of being pulled back into a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in. The song speaks to the idea of repeatedly making the same mistakes and hoping for a different result. The lyrics are heartbreaking, but they also ring true for so many people.

We know that getting back together with an ex is usually a bad idea, but we do it anyway. We keep going back to the same arguments, the same hurt feelings, the same pain. Why? There are a few possible explanations. Maybe we’re afraid of being alone. Maybe we think that this is as good as it gets. Maybe we just don’t want to face the hassle of finding someone new. Whatever the reason, we need to break free from the cycle. It’s not healthy for us emotionally or mentally to keep going back to someone who isn’t good for us. We deserve better than that.