Introducing: Marie Sahba – Never Got To Know You

Family is everything. They are our support system, our confidants, and our biggest cheerleaders. They’re the ones who know us best and love us unconditionally, no matter what. That’s why family is so important to Marie Sahba—they are the foundation of her life. In her new single Never Got To Know You, she poignantly captures the longing she feels for her family in Iran and the possibilities if things were different. The song also honors Sahba’s grandmother, who graces the cover art.

Sahba believes that a lot of people with similar backgrounds can relate to the lyrics she’s singing. For her, the idea of what could have been has been a big part of her upbringing. Sahba thinks about it all the time and it’s something that keeps turning in her head. This song is her way of communicating what she’s going through.