Introducing: Lizzy Paris – Crash n’ Burn

When was the last time you listened to happy music? If it’s been a while, it’s time to change that! Listening to happy music has a number of positive effects on our overall happiness and well-being. It can brighten our mood, make us more productive and even help reduce stress. In short, it’s the perfect way to relax and bring a little happiness into your day.

If there was an award for the best feel-good song of the year, Lizzy Paris would take home the prize with her latest release, Crash n’ Burn. It’s a celebration of life, urging listeners to enjoy every moment to the fullest. And who couldn’t use a little reminder to lighten up and have some fun?

The background choirs elevate Crash n’ Burn and give it a soulful feel. Combined with Lizzy’s powerful vocals, the song¬†becomes immensely cheerful. The tempo of the groove is also well-chosen, providing just the right amount of momentum without becoming overwhelming. We love this song and its ability to uplift and inspire.