Introducing: youproblem – Wasting Time

All of us have been there. That moment when you realize you’re spending too much time on someone who isn’t worth it. But what makes us keep coming back? Why do we repeatedly return to people that don’t benefit us? The answer is codependency. We’re addicted to the pull of someone that we want to waste all our time with. We’re stuck in a cycle of dependency and we can’t break free. We keep going back to what’s familiar, even though it’s not good for us. But why is it so hard to let go? That’s a question for another time.

When we feel so strongly drawn to someone, we often make sacrifices for them. youproblem’s debut single, Wasting Time, echoes that sentiment. Rather than simply relying on shallow lyrics, they take the time to delve deeper into the topic and give their fans a deeper understanding of who they are as a group and as individuals.