Introducing: Zëta Ræ – enemy

It’s easy to feel boxed in by the expectations of others, but it’s also important to remember that we can box ourselves in, too. We often put limitations on ourselves, whether it’s through our own self-doubt or by listening to the doubts of others. We can feel misunderstood and silenced, as if our thoughts and feelings don’t matter. This is precisely what Zëta Ræit explores in her song enemy. The lyrics touch on the idea of feeling trapped and alone, as if you can’t escape your own mind or the judgment of others.

What makes a song like enemy so powerful? It’s the raw, unbridled anger that’s so often missing from pop music. While other songs might superficially touch on similar topics, they usually do so in a way that’s safe and palatable for mainstream audiences. They might provide an outlet for anger, but they rarely evoke the visceral reaction that enemy does.