Introducing: Jenny Plant – Unknown

Jenny Plant is a British singer/songwriter and composer whose music defies easy categorization. While her style might be difficult to pin down, it’s clear that her music is deeply emotive, drawing on her personal experiences to create songs with real resonance for listeners. Jenny’s new single Unknown speaks directly to those who’re struggling right now.

The feeling of being lost and alone is one that all of us can understand. It’s that feeling of being disconnected from the world, of not knowing which way to turn. It can be frightening, and it often feels like we’re the only ones who are feeling this way. But we’re not. So many people are feeling lost and alone right now. And that’s why reaching out to one another should be a priority. We need to let each other know how much we appreciate each other. That’s what Jenny’s Unknown, is all about. It’s a reassurance that we never have to feel alone. There’s always someone who cares about us.

In a time when it feels like everything¬† is falling apart, Jenny’s Unknown is a much-needed ray of hope. Listen to it and let the lyrics wash over you; they may just be the words that you have been searching for.