Introducing: Skylar Lee – Hotel in a Hurry

We’ve all experienced it. We’re in the thick of a relationship, and things are going great. We’re happy and we’re in love. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, we realize that we’re not as happy as we thought we were. We start to question everything about the relationship and we come to the horrifying realization that we may have been in love with the idea of the person, not the actual person. This is the heartbreak that Skylar Lee explores in her new song Hotel In a Hurry. It talks about a relationship that was great on paper but ultimately didn’t work out because the two people involved weren’t meant to be together.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the past, particularly if things haven’t gone the way you’ve hoped. However, dwelling on the past won’t do you any good. The sooner you can let go of what’s happened, the sooner you can focus on the future. Why focus on the future? Because that’s where your happiness and success will lie. It’s where you have control over your life and can make your dreams a reality.

Hotel In a Hurry is not just lyrically but also sonically remarkable. The haunting background vocals blend beautifully with the glimmering synthesizers to create a dark and ethereal feeling. The driving piano provides a sense of urgency and momentum, giving the song a powerful emotional punch. By combining these contrasting sounds, Lee was able to construct a highly interesting arrangement.