Introducing: chika. – Real Deep

British singer-songwriter chika. drops debut EP Unlearning, including the lead single Real Deep. One of the standout tracks on here. With stellar vocals and honest lyrics, chika. showcases her versatility. Real Deep talks about wanting to know a person intimately in every way.

When speaking about the inspiration behind Unlearning, chika. said: ”This EP was written in the span of a few weeks where I spent a lot of time analysing every single relationship I’d ever had, including the one I have with myself, and applying pressure to see where the cracks were. What I found was difficult to accept at times, annoying at others, but still allowed me to know myself even better – and these songs are the result.”

chika. is a fast rising artist who makes music that comes from the soul. She delivers a unique sound, by blending R&B, Indie, and Pop elements. Check out Real Deep below!