Introducing: Ellie Denmark – Deadline

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It can make us feel warm and happy, or sad and down. It often brings with it a sense of longing for the past, which can be hard to deal with. One of the main reasons we get nostalgic is because we regret things we’ve done in the past. We might regret choices we made or things we said. The good news is that there are ways to deal with regret. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and move on. Accepting regret as part of life can help you let go of the pain it causes.

Ellie Denmark’s Deadline is a deeply compelling tune. She reflects on her life and all of the choices she’s made, and how they’ve led to her feeling this way. The lyrics explore a range of complex concepts, including nostalgia and regret. Deadline consists of organic sounds that are artfully layered with pads and synths to create a dark and brooding atmosphere.