Introducing: Siv Disa – Whistle

New York singer Siv Disa, who resides in Iceland, shares the latest single from her forthcoming debut album, Dreamhouse. Whistle invites you to listen closely to the lyrics. It’s a gentle breakup song written in real time as the writer and singer imagined what letting go might be like.

A zen-like quality surrounds this music. The guitar sounds are backed by swaying melodies from producer Samuel, contributing to an engaging mix. In the background of the atmospheric instrumental, a breathy ghostly vocal can be heard. It creates a great balance.

Siv comments: “I wrote Whistle in the rehearsal space above the Williamsburg library, when I was in the city teaching piano. I struggled to make time to push my own music forward while keeping a full time job and would sometimes book practice space in between students. The room above the library there is a semi circle which gives it weird acoustics, and there’s an out of tune grand piano. I wrote this song when I was supposed to be practicing another song I think, but it was what was on my mind.”

Check out Whistle below!