Introducing: ANNA VEE – Shooting Me Down (featuring Futuristic)

ANNA VEE’s Shooting Me Down (featuring Futuristic) captures the experience of wanting someone so bad that you’ll do anything for them. You’re always hoping they’ll reciprocate your feelings, but there’s no guarantee. It’s a constant struggle and you never know what the other person thinks.

Despite the fact that Shooting Me Down was written years ago, the title still seems relevant considering what’s happening in the world today. ANNA was born in Ukraine and while the song was never meant to be about war, she still hopes it can give some kind of comfort to all people suffering. That’s why ANNA is donating all her cut from the royalties directly to the victims of the war.

Steven Langs is the mastermind behind the hard-hitting production of Shooting Me Down. The song has an energetic beat and a bouncing chorus that makes it hard to lose interest quickly.